Sometimes You Have to Get Your Feet Wet to Follow the Right Path

I had a dream the night before last that stuck with me all day yesterday and today as well.  I pondered it for about an hour when I woke up because it felt so real, like there was a deep message within it for me that I was supposed to remember.  I got it…with lightsContinue reading “Sometimes You Have to Get Your Feet Wet to Follow the Right Path”

When One Door Opens Another Closes

You’ve all heard and even used the expression, “When one door closes another opens.” What do you think it would do for your life if you changed those words around a little bit? For instance, what if you want that storm door to close and it just isn’t happening? Perhaps you could just use yourContinue reading “When One Door Opens Another Closes”

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

What is your life’s purpose? Every person on earth has a deep longing to discover the true essence of their being. Why am I here? What does the big picture truly hold? We are all searching for something bigger than what we see right in front of us, yet the answers are all held withinContinue reading “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose”