Every day begins with a single step,  Let me walk yours with you.

You’ve decided it’s time to make a change.

There are many different kinds of healers out there. You deserve to find the right one who will create a safe space for you to open up and heal on your own terms. I offer a free discovery call to anyone who is thinking that I might be the right fit. I want to get to know you. What do you struggle with? What kind of changes do you want to create? Together we will build a plan, and determine how I could be of help to you. It’s time you started feeling better. It’s time you started feeling whole again.

My Story

I’ve spent my life helping people, and I’ve taken on many roles – mother, wife, caregiver, volunteer, protector. My calling is to be an intuitive healer, and over the last decade, I’ve helped many people just like you. I’ve overcome some deep wounds that I live with everyday. I’ve learned to be okay with not being okay. I want to share with you the tools that have helped me find peace on my healing journey. Some of my clients need Reiki. Sometimes they need hypnotherapy or a psychic reading. Or a really good talk with a soul coach to set you on your way again. Whatever it is that you need, I hope you find one my services that resonates with you.


Using hypnosis, we can delve into your subconscious and re-create thought patterns and change habits to be healthier and happier. Whatever your issue is, we can work on it. Hypnosis can be utilized for many things, including the following:

· Stop smoking

· Weight management

· Stress management

· Anxiety, depression, PTSD

· Issues around sexual abuse trauma

· Confidence Building

· Communication

· Limiting beliefs

Distance Reiki

Originating in Japan, this century-old healing technique can help balance you in mind, body and spirit. Reiki spans great distances, and can help with a myriad of problems. It’s amazing how my clients can often find relief from anxiety and physical pain quickly and easily with this gentle, subtle energy. Using my intuition, I can help you overcome blocks and relay messages I may get during your session. Sometimes emotional pain manifests itself in the body, creating discomfort and chronic illness. Reiki works on all layers of self to help you find your center again. Many of my clients are seeking balance and relief from the pain caused by emotional trauma, and this healing method can help you heal from the inside out without having to talk about your feelings (unless you want to!) or ever have to be touched physically.


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