Please keep checking this page and watch for updates of coming events!  If there is enough interest, I am willing to travel and present workshops within 100 km of Saskatoon.  Mileage may apply.

 If you have previously taken any of my classes, and wish to come again, you can audit for half price!  And in the case of the Reiki Classes, if you have previously taken the classes from ANY teacher, you can audit for half price!  I require proof via your certificate.

EMBRACING YOUR INTUITION:  6 weeks.  Every thursday from May 7, to June 11, 2020.  Via zoom in the comfort of your own home!

Investment: $30/wk or $150 up front. Please register by facebook messenger, or email to

This 6 week class will cover the basics of tuning into your intuition and embracing your psychic self. Everyone has intuition and the ability to expand on it.

We will define some of the terms used, touch on the chakras and energy, meditation, the different spiritual guides and how to tune in to them, symbols and signs, and much more.

You will come out of the class with a better understanding of how to fine tune your intuition.

AN EVENING OF SPIRIT: Will be booked as an online event.  You can book one yourself for yourself and 6 to 10 friends, or email me to find out when the next one will be held.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop,

Do you have questions about what awaits us on the Other Side? Join Vicki Lund as she connects with your loved ones who have passed away.

Tickets are $40 per person

Please note that although she tries to make a connection for everyone, this is not always possible in the time allowed. Many times a message given to someone else may also hold meaning for you!

MEDITATION CIRCLE:  Every Monday from 7:30 to 8:30pm (Currently online!)

Join us for an hour long journey of relaxation, stress relief and sharing.  Each guided meditation is channeled  to personalize the experience of the group present each time.

$15 per session

Please pre-register by contacting Vicki Lund   By text:  306 320 1813 or email:

Spring Forest Qigong Practice Group:  Every tuesday from 1pm to 2pm (Currently Online)

Join us for a half hour of Spring Forest Qigong healing movements, and a half hour of concentrated meditation.  Investment of $15.00.

The following is a list of workshops that are offered from time to time.  If you are interested in any of them, please contact me and I will let you know when I have scheduled.

REIKI LEVEL ONE                                                                                                                                                              Investment of $225.00.  Pay for level one and two by 

If you have been drawn to learning about using energy to heal yourself or others, this class is for you. Reiki level one can form a wonderful base for transformational healing when you are invested in learning and practising. In level one, you learn about what Reiki is, some history, some basic energy healing techniques, and you are attuned to receive the Reiki energy. I welcome you to this wonderful journey! Please note that if this date doesn’t work for you, please let me know that you are interested for future classes.


Investment of $350.00.      

This class is open to students who have taken level one training and wish to develop a deeper practise of Reiki in their lives.

The second level of training includes a deeper initiation by the Reiki Master.  There is instruction and time for practice in the conscious use of ancient symbols to increase and focus the flow of Reiki energy in physical treatment, to reach the unconscious mind, and to “send” energy through time and space in as focused a way as giving a physical treatment.

INTRODUCTION TO ANGEL CARD READING:                                                                       

Investment:  $80.00.  You MUST pre-register.

Angel cards – or Oracle cards – are designed to be easy and simple to use.  This workshop is designed to be a fun, hands on introduction to reading your angel cards.  We all have the ability to tap into the universal knowledge to find out what is coming up for us, so why not learn how to take the fear out of that knowledge?

Bring your own deck of oracle card or I will also have several of my own decks available to practise with if that is what you require.

Meditation Series One.  Please click for more information on this 6 week class.

I Can’t Meditate!!  An Introduction to Meditation

Investment:  $50.00

Everyone can meditate, and it has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress, tension, and will aid in the body’s ability to heal.

It doesn’t matter what your faith, culture or upbringing are,   everyone can learn meditation and tailor it to suit your own needs!

In this workshop, we will talk about what meditation is…and what some of the roadblocks that we encounter while attempting meditation for the first few times.  We also talk about different types of meditation, and go through the steps of creating a successful meditation session.

 INTRODUCTION TO THE CHAKRAS –                                                                           

Investment of $100.00.  Pre-registration and a deposit are required to hold your spot.  Space is limited.                           

This is level one of a workshop series that is currently in development by myself.  The purpose is to help you learn how to Speak your Truth by learning how energy works and how it affects you on all levels – Body, Mind and Spirit.  The more you know about the exchange of energy, the more you are able to take back your own power.  In level one you will learn the basics of what Chakras are, and how they affect you.

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