Speaking Your Truth

Deep inside your soul, there is a blueprint that is unique to each and every one of us.  This blueprint goes far beyond your DNA, it is part of your energy body as well as your physical body.  You are given clues to your path each time you take a step forward, and gentle nudges when you take a step backwards.  When you listen to the whispers, your life runs along smoothly, even if it has a few lessons to learn along the way, you still feel at peace with your path.  If you aren’t listening, the potholes on the path can hurt.  Even though you may fall, you always have your inner knowing to re-direct you back to the smoother path.

I personally have spent a year not listening to my inner wisdom.  Though the path was actually fairly smooth, it was not my true self and I ended up in a deep depression.  I could no longer see a future for myself and I was hiding the real me from the new people in my life.  I am a Healer and I was completely fighting that path.  It was way easier to just go to work at a job and collect a paycheque.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good part of my life, but because I wasn’t speaking my truth, I hit a wall.  It took alot of work and energy therapy sessions to get me back on track again.  Once I finally accepted that my soul’s path is to be a Healer, I began to really recover from my depression.

Realizing your true path – or speaking your truth – is the easy part.  Following through can be alot harder to do.  It takes alot of self reflection, healing, and inner work to stay on that path.  You need to learn to balance all of the parts of you and follow through with what your soul is meant to do.  Your true soul path isn’t necessarily what you do to make a living, but it is what you do to make a life.  It’s what you do to make you happy, and not what you do to make other people happy.  It’s not about saving the world either, it is just about the lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime.

If you are not sure of your truth, take some time to meditate, reflect, and pray as you choose.  Take time to just sit in quiet and stillness and listen to what the universe has to say to you, and then take the steps to fulfill your path.  Your life will feel much more balanced and peaceful if you do this.