Go With the Flow, but Watch Out For the Tide

It’s okay to go with the flow when it makes your life easier, or is it?  I’ve always been a backward boat rower, swimming against the current, doing my thing.  I never do things the easy way.  Every lesson I have ever learned in my life, I have had to learn the hard way.  I listen to the advice of friends and family, but turn around and do it my way anyway.  It’s the same when I receive information from Spirit, even though I know the advice I am receiving is for my highest good, I always do the opposite.

Going with the flow would fill my life with ease and grace.  Every time I turn around I have clear direction on where my life should go, where my path leads next.  I have pretty good intuition, my gut never steers me wrong.  Do I listen?  Nope!  My Healing Business is filled with stops and starts.  Every time I start to follow the flow, I end up with a fear of success and paddle in the other direction.  What do you think happens when you try to go against the current?  You get swallowed up by the tide!

It has taken me many years to finally listen and put my heart and soul into my business.  I could have had abundance all this time, but I kept choosing to do it the hard way and blaming it on life circumstances.  Abundance comes from the thoughts and words that you put out into the Universe, so if you are putting positive words out there, you receive the positive back.  If you put only negative out, this includes what you think about yourself, you will receive negative in return.  I have heard this many, many times from different people, but it has taken me this long to actually listen.

The minute you start to know your own worth, in business, relationships, or whatever else you have in your life, abundance will start to flow.  You will be going with the flow and reaping the rewards.  This doesn’t mean that you do the same thing that everyone else is doing, this means that you follow your own compass.   So pull yourself out of the tidal wave and re-wire your navigation system to follow the current.