When I was growing up, my Father instilled the importance of being on time into my brain. We were always very early for everything from doctors appointments to meetings. In fact he was so rigorous about being on time that we joked about making him late for his own funeral – and we did it! Though we always teased him about his chronic earliness, we also respect that other people’s time is just as valuable as ours.

As someone who works from home, I thoroughly understand the importance of keeping appointments and being on time. When I schedule a client in my home, I have to rearrange my family and have them stay quiet, I also have to spend time making sure my home is energetically fit and clean to host clients, as well as having to block my dog into the kitchen so he doesn’t freak out on strangers. I don’t get paid for all of this, so I expect my client to be on time, and in fact, actually show up! You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a doctor or your accountant without being charged for their time, so please don’t miss your appointments with your Healer or Psychic reader.

If you miss an appointment with me, you have to understand that I have given up time that could have been taken by another paying client – or time away from my family. I also put alot of effort and time into preparing the space so that you can have a stress-free, relaxing appointment. Of course, I understand that life happens, but please pay me the respect of a phone call with explanation if you cannot make your appointment.

When you are mindful of other people’s time, you are treating them with the same respect that they will be giving you during your appointment.


It’s okay to go with the flow when it makes your life easier, or is it?  I’ve always been a backward boat rower, swimming against the current, doing my thing.  I never do things the easy way.  Every lesson I have ever learned in my life, I have had to learn the hard way.  I listen to the advice of friends and family, but turn around and do it my way anyway.  It’s the same when I receive information from Spirit, even though I know the advice I am receiving is for my highest good, I always do the opposite.

Going with the flow would fill my life with ease and grace.  Every time I turn around I have clear direction on where my life should go, where my path leads next.  I have pretty good intuition, my gut never steers me wrong.  Do I listen?  Nope!  My Healing Business is filled with stops and starts.  Every time I start to follow the flow, I end up with a fear of success and paddle in the other direction.  What do you think happens when you try to go against the current?  You get swallowed up by the tide!

It has taken me many years to finally listen and put my heart and soul into my business.  I could have had abundance all this time, but I kept choosing to do it the hard way and blaming it on life circumstances.  Abundance comes from the thoughts and words that you put out into the Universe, so if you are putting positive words out there, you receive the positive back.  If you put only negative out, this includes what you think about yourself, you will receive negative in return.  I have heard this many, many times from different people, but it has taken me this long to actually listen.

The minute you start to know your own worth, in business, relationships, or whatever else you have in your life, abundance will start to flow.  You will be going with the flow and reaping the rewards.  This doesn’t mean that you do the same thing that everyone else is doing, this means that you follow your own compass.   So pull yourself out of the tidal wave and re-wire your navigation system to follow the current.


Deep inside your soul, there is a blueprint that is unique to each and every one of us.  This blueprint goes far beyond your DNA, it is part of your energy body as well as your physical body.  You are given clues to your path each time you take a step forward, and gentle nudges when you take a step backwards.  When you listen to the whispers, your life runs along smoothly, even if it has a few lessons to learn along the way, you still feel at peace with your path.  If you aren’t listening, the potholes on the path can hurt.  Even though you may fall, you always have your inner knowing to re-direct you back to the smoother path.

I personally have spent a year not listening to my inner wisdom.  Though the path was actually fairly smooth, it was not my true self and I ended up in a deep depression.  I could no longer see a future for myself and I was hiding the real me from the new people in my life.  I am a Healer and I was completely fighting that path.  It was way easier to just go to work at a job and collect a paycheque.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a good part of my life, but because I wasn’t speaking my truth, I hit a wall.  It took alot of work and energy therapy sessions to get me back on track again.  Once I finally accepted that my soul’s path is to be a Healer, I began to really recover from my depression.

Realizing your true path – or speaking your truth – is the easy part.  Following through can be alot harder to do.  It takes alot of self reflection, healing, and inner work to stay on that path.  You need to learn to balance all of the parts of you and follow through with what your soul is meant to do.  Your true soul path isn’t necessarily what you do to make a living, but it is what you do to make a life.  It’s what you do to make you happy, and not what you do to make other people happy.  It’s not about saving the world either, it is just about the lessons that you need to learn in this lifetime.

If you are not sure of your truth, take some time to meditate, reflect, and pray as you choose.  Take time to just sit in quiet and stillness and listen to what the universe has to say to you, and then take the steps to fulfill your path.  Your life will feel much more balanced and peaceful if you do this.

True Family

I was raised with the belief that, “Family is everything”.  Sadly this programming has set me up for many heart breaks and alot of sadness.  I grew up thinking that this included my extended family, which includes cousins, second cousins etc.  Family should be there to support you no matter what.  Family should be there when no one else is stepping forward.  Family is blood and tied by blood.  “Blood is thicker than water”.  In truth, my discovery many years ago as to what this quote actually means should have been my first clue.  This statement does not mean that your ties to your family are stronger than your ties to those with whom you choose to bond.  In its entirety, the quote actually reads, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the waters of the womb.”  That gives it a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?  Family should be those people that stand by you, they are the ones that love you unconditionally.  They are the ones that support you through crisis rather than mock you.  These are the ones, even if they don’t agree with you, will still understand your point of view and where you are coming from.

I have gone through alot of hell in my life.  There are things that I have never told anyone because I didn’t want them to have to hold that same pain that I was enduring.  I have been molded by my life experience and have gone through dark periods where I needed my family the most, and they weren’t there.  When I was four years old, my life was taken from me in the vilest of ways and changed the outcome of my life entirely.  From the ages of 12 to 18 I have pieces of my life that were so dark, but I cannot block them from my mind. I had no choice but to separate myself at that time from everyone in my life because I didn’t know who I could even trust.  The people that were there for me, are the people that choose to be my family…many of which are not related by blood.  So, because I was raised with the notion of family is everything, I have set myself up for heart ache and a shattered soul.  In reality, just because you are related to someone does not mean that you can trust them.  Just because you grew up with the same people and the same amazing Grandparents, doesn’t mean that they are all good people.  Just because you would personally drop what you are doing to go to a family members aid, does not mean they would do it for you.  And just because someone is your blood, does not mean that they don’t hide dark secrets that can destroy your illusion of them or your illusion of what family means.

I am finally learning.  I am coming to a point in my own life where I need to cut ties to the people that hurt me over and over.  I am finally learning that I am in charge of who gets to be in my heart, and that I can’t just believe the elders in the family who tell me that we have to get along because we are family.  I don’t have to…and I can’t.  Neither do you.  None of us have to spend time with people that make us uncomfortable.  If you have panic attacks whenever you think of family gatherings, or class reunions, or team building outings, then you simply don’t need to put yourself in that situation.  We are not meant to live a life with anything less than joy, and if you have to cut people then do it.  My children are adults, but I have found out that I still need to protect them from narrow minded, uneducated trolls that spew hate…and ya…some of those people are family.  I have to change my perception of family and its ok for you to do so as well, and if this blog causes some of my family to cut their ties with me, then please do so now so that we can all just move forward in joy.  I don’t want to be the cause of your pain, any more than I want to be in pain.  I will always hold the love in my heart, and I set you free with nothing but love.

Change is in the Air

Well, it is September 1st.  The beginning of September has always signified to me the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Summer is over, and Autumn is beginning, the plants and animals are all getting ready for the coming winter.  Some animals are preparing for hibernating away from the frigid cold we have here in Saskatchewan.  Students are buckling down for another year of school, and adults kiss the lazy days of their vacations goodbye.  The foliage on the trees are changing color and dropping away, making it hard for birds to hide away.  Flowers are dropping their seeds which are being covered over by the falling leaves of the plant, to be nurtured and protected until the following spring.

I have also had a summer season of incredible growth – as have many others that I have spoken too – and now it is time to shed the cocoon that I have used to protect me for all these years.  I have allowed my voice to become stronger in sharing my story, I have shared ways to speak your truth with many people that have crossed my path, and I have written many articles about speaking your truth.

A treasured friend pointed out to me last night that I am not being entirely honest with myself or others as I have been hiding in my cocoon.  She made me realize that I have been afraid of the “witch hunt”, which is something I have faced over and over again in various aspects of my life.  So, in allowing fear to hold me, I am not becoming the awesome being that I am meant to be.  I also realized that I was hiding behind a simple word that really doesn’t describe the truth of me.  So many of us do that.  We are so afraid of labelling that we are misguided in how we describe even ourselves.  Sometimes all it takes to change your whole outlook on life and who you are is to change the word that you use to describe yourself, and to change the definition of who you are.  You can go from a victim to a survivor, a student to a teacher, disabled to empowered.  It really only takes a spark of light and a little bit of nurturing to grow you into who you really are…just like that flower goes from seed, to bud, to blooming.

I wish you all peace and blessings as you begin to use that one word that truly describes who you are.  As for me, you will have to follow my news and views to see who I am embracing!!

Dealing With Triggers

If you don’t know what a trigger is, it is an event, smell, sight, or sound that causes you to flash back to the traumatic event that you suffered. You never know when it is going to hit you or how it will affect you when it does.  You may not always react when you find yourself around that trigger, but it is good to be aware of what triggers you, and how you can soften the effects.

Before I learned about holistic approaches to healing from sexual assault, I would often find myself anxious and fearing things that didn’t make sense.  I could not figure out why I would be afraid of the things I was afraid of.  I had no idea what was setting off my flood of emotions.  I had never been taught awareness – I had only been taught to bury the event and the feelings deep inside, because it was over, all in the past.  I truly believed that I was ‘over’ the events.  I didn’t realize just how deeply my life was affected.

Twenty-five years later, I found myself re-living everything.  Every detail of the assault, and then other memories of other events began to surface.  I was totally unprepared for the flood of emotion and my mind and body shut down on me in defense.  I had absolutely no idea how to cope with the memories because I had never been taught the tools.  It takes more than just talk therapy and medication (though these are both very important) to help you get through triggers.

In my experience, the quickest way to heal, and to avoid being triggered in the first place is awareness.  You need to be fully aware of what triggers you so that you can change the memories.  For example, if you are triggered by the scent of grass, re-train your mind to associate the smell of grass with happier memories.  Tell yourself that it is ok to feel what you feel, but the feelings are not allowed to control you.  Change the way you perceive the smell of grass.  When you go outside and sit in the fresh cut grass, really feel the sensations that you experience now.  Notice how warm the sun is, how soft the grass is beneath you.  Allow it to create a sense of peace for you instead of panic and anxiety.  Use visualization to create a new image in your mind that you can go to as soon as you feel yourself heading back into the dark.

Meditation can be a form of self hypnosis as well.  You can have someone guide you, or you can just read a meditation script yourself.  Create a space in your mind that you can quickly visit if you are triggered by an event you see on TV or in a movie.  Go to that place and remember that you are a Survivor – not a victim.  It is not happening to YOU, you are an observer and are able to lend support from your experience.  Use meditation to visit those dark times in your mind, and change the outcome.  You can use many different scenarios in order to let go of the past.

It is not a short or easy process to have to re-live certain events, but I assure you that having the tools to cope and change your perceptions will most certainly make your future journey less bumpy!



“I am me, and I am happy with that!”

Spirit Haven, or rather – I, have been experiencing a great deal of growth over the last year.  Many opportunities have opened up to me.  I was able to be a part of a group of healers in Saskatoon for a few months, and then with growth and change, my current place of business allowed me to stay closer to home.

I have taken many classes and workshops that have helped me to grow as a healer, a teacher, a facilitator and even as a volunteer support worker.  I have grown professionally, personally, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In the last couple of weeks, my mind has been on creation over time.  I am experiencing a constant flow of awesome possibilities and opportunities, and I am very excited to share this journey with all of my current and future clients and students!

Over the next few weeks you will be seeing some changes to my business.  I no longer have to hide behind a logo and business name.  My business will always be fuelled by me, therefore I am choosing to put ME foremost in my business!  This is a huge step for me and I thank everyone for their continuous support…we all need people to push us along.  So, as of this moment, the first change that you are seeing is the change of my business name:  “Spirit Haven” is now “Vicki Lund, Spirit Haven Therapies”.  And, I have also realized that I am ME and I don’t always have to wait until a better day to upload a new photo.  So, here is the me that I am today, and I am happy with that!  Munay!!