Vicki Lund, CHt

Vicki Lund

Holistic Hypnosis Practitioner

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Intuitive Life Skills Coaching
Spring Forest Qigong Healer
Spring Forest Qigong Leader
Certified Meditation Facilitator

Your Journey, Your Story

I believe that when you are on your own healing journey, you need to go at your own pace. It’s important to feel like you are in control of your own story. None of us are broken. We are who we are meant to be, but sometimes we need the help of friends and professionals to set us back on target again.  No one has a problem that cannot be addressed.  All you need are the right resources.

“Turn your wounds into wisdom”

-Oprah Winfrey

My Healing Story

My tattoo is the story of my own healing journey through the trauma of sexual abuse. It symbolizes the support that I offer Survivors. The dragon is me, as I stand up for those who have no voice. The words, “I Believe You”, give strength to Survivors who are not often heard. Most significant is the word, ‘Believe’. This is in red and written across my wrist to honor those that have attempted as well as those that have completed suicide as a result of their trauma.

Work With Vicki

I have learned many skills that I am able to bring into your healing session so that each session is tailored for the individual. I do sessions in person, distance healing, and I also teach Reiki, Meditation, and other self healing workshops. As well as the skills gained as a holistic practitioner, I also have training in sexual assault and abuse support, and other mainstream training in crisis support.

” In my world, knowledge, experience and discernment are the keys to a successful outlook on life. To achieve a sense of balance and healing, a person needs to look deep to figure out who they are and what their true life purpose is.”Tweet

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner (May 12, 2020)
Heather Rodriguez, Saskatchewan Institute of Hypnotherapy. 
National Guild of Hypnotists Member

Munay Ki Earth Keeper (June 2019)
Training by Sharon Whitethunder Baldock of Sacred Source Medicine.

Energy Healing 101 (Oct. 15, 2016)
Workshop by Lauren Heistad of SOULworks

Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 (June 13, 2015)
Training by Munira Jiwa, Certified level 1 and 2 instructor.

Usui Reiki Master Training (Nov. 30, 2014)
Training by Reiki Master, Tracy Reifferscheid of Awakenings Therapies.

Certified Life Skills Coach (March 22, 2013)
YWCA Life Skills Training at Carlton Trail Regional College.

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention (Feb. 13, 2013)
Saskatoon Sexual Assault & Information Center

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Facilitator (Sept. 18, 2011)
Little Warriors

Meditation Facilitator Training (May 12, 2011)
Natural Health Institute

Trusted By

‘Thank you for caring for me in our last session which was a hypnotherapy session. I felt very peaceful during the session. Vicki was very professional and really helped me with a particular stuck state of mind. I would recommend this service. 🙂

Karen C

“Vicki helped me through one of toughest crossroads I have been at so far….she gave me understanding, clarity and guidance when I needed it the most and I am so thankful our paths crossed. She is a gifted lady with a warm soul. I recommend her 110%!! Thank you Vicki 🙂 “

Cindy W
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