There is no timeline on how long you should feel grief, or when it will pop up in your day.  There is no set holiday or other special day that will weigh on your heart.  It can lurk around the corner, ready to strike at any moment.  That deep feeling of sadness, or gut wrenching tears.  That feeling of having a hole in your heart that you feel you will never fill again.  Sometimes it can be as simple as a tear running down your cheek at a special memory you have, or a scent that brings them to mind.

Grief can hit you on their birthday, Christmas, the anniversary of their passing, or you may spend those days just celebrating the happy moments that you shared.  It’s ok to celebrate.  In fact it’s ok to celebrate their lives right after their passing as well…don’t ever feel guilty for doing so.

We feel grief because we feel the physical absence of our loved one.  Many times a bout of grief hits us simply because our loved one is with us, and we are connecting with their energy on a spiritual level.  When this happens, you may have had a spark of a memory, a scent that reminds you of them, a certain song came on the radio, etc.  These things happen because your loved one is trying to get your attention.  Quite often it is accompanied with an intense feeling of love.  In these moments, you can really feel them, and it is the perfect time to tell them anything you want.  If you regret anything, you still have the chance to talk to them about it.  Even if you can’t hear their answer, your heart will know the answer.

Give yourself all the time you need to heal from your grief, but always remember that they are still with us, and you will indeed see them again.

Much Love,  Vicki

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