Minding Other’s Time

When I was growing up, my Father instilled the importance of being on time into my brain. We were always very early for everything from doctors appointments to meetings. In fact he was so rigorous about being on time that we joked about making him late for his own funeral – and we did it! Though we always teased him about his chronic earliness, we also respect that other people’s time is just as valuable as ours.

As someone who works from home, I thoroughly understand the importance of keeping appointments and being on time. When I schedule a client in my home, I have to rearrange my family and have them stay quiet, I also have to spend time making sure my home is energetically fit and clean to host clients, as well as having to block my dog into the kitchen so he doesn’t freak out on strangers. I don’t get paid for all of this, so I expect my client to be on time, and in fact, actually show up! You wouldn’t miss an appointment with a doctor or your accountant without being charged for their time, so please don’t miss your appointments with your Healer or Psychic reader.

If you miss an appointment with me, you have to understand that I have given up time that could have been taken by another paying client – or time away from my family. I also put alot of effort and time into preparing the space so that you can have a stress-free, relaxing appointment. Of course, I understand that life happens, but please pay me the respect of a phone call with explanation if you cannot make your appointment.

When you are mindful of other people’s time, you are treating them with the same respect that they will be giving you during your appointment.

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