Change is in the Air

Well, it is September 1st.  The beginning of September has always signified to me the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Summer is over, and Autumn is beginning, the plants and animals are all getting ready for the coming winter.  Some animals are preparing for hibernating away from the frigid cold we have here in Saskatchewan.  Students are buckling down for another year of school, and adults kiss the lazy days of their vacations goodbye.  The foliage on the trees are changing color and dropping away, making it hard for birds to hide away.  Flowers are dropping their seeds which are being covered over by the falling leaves of the plant, to be nurtured and protected until the following spring.

I have also had a summer season of incredible growth – as have many others that I have spoken too – and now it is time to shed the cocoon that I have used to protect me for all these years.  I have allowed my voice to become stronger in sharing my story, I have shared ways to speak your truth with many people that have crossed my path, and I have written many articles about speaking your truth.

A treasured friend pointed out to me last night that I am not being entirely honest with myself or others as I have been hiding in my cocoon.  She made me realize that I have been afraid of the “witch hunt”, which is something I have faced over and over again in various aspects of my life.  So, in allowing fear to hold me, I am not becoming the awesome being that I am meant to be.  I also realized that I was hiding behind a simple word that really doesn’t describe the truth of me.  So many of us do that.  We are so afraid of labelling that we are misguided in how we describe even ourselves.  Sometimes all it takes to change your whole outlook on life and who you are is to change the word that you use to describe yourself, and to change the definition of who you are.  You can go from a victim to a survivor, a student to a teacher, disabled to empowered.  It really only takes a spark of light and a little bit of nurturing to grow you into who you really are…just like that flower goes from seed, to bud, to blooming.

I wish you all peace and blessings as you begin to use that one word that truly describes who you are.  As for me, you will have to follow my news and views to see who I am embracing!!

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