Spiritual Healing

I have been spending time today updating my services and website.  I have recently taken the second level of “Awakening the Soul” which has certified me as a Practitioner of the Light,  and I have booked in the Reiki Master and Teacher level of training for myself.  As I work on all of these new things, letting go of the old, and letting in the new  I have realized that the following article, even though I wrote it some time ago, deserves to remain in my website.  I am completely amazed at the changes that I have gone through in the last few years.  It has been a rapid morphing of energy and even though I have gone through many things that have knocked me on my butt emotionally, mentally and physically – I am still here and I am a better person for it.  I have more empathy and understanding and feel better equipped to help others with the knowledge and tools that I have gained.  I am truly grateful for every single person who has been a part of my journey.  Enjoy this old article:


Many of our healing processes begin with a deep healing at a spiritual level. It doesn’t matter what your particular spiritual beliefs are, whether they are church based or more of a spiritual nature, we all need to look to our Creator and to our inner selves to enable healing from the inside out. Spiritual healing will facilitate healing at a cellular level, thereby initiating healing of the mind, emotions, body and spirit. When we begin to connect with the Divine in a profound way, we can begin the healing process in every aspect of our lives.

Start by letting go of some of your outdated beliefs – they no longer serve you and tend to harm the beliefs you have about yourself. Begin the healing journey from a place of non-judgment…do not judge yourself or others. We are all here to learn our own lessons and we each have our own spiritual path to follow. Spend some time writing down any negative beliefs you have about yourself, then take a half hour or so replacing the negative ideas with positive ones. You may be surprised at how silly those negative beliefs seem when you really look at them! Think about someone positive in your life that you admire – what qualities do they have that you like so much? Now really think about these qualities in relationship to your own personality. It is very likely that you possess the exact qualities that you admire in someone else. What qualities do you dislike in another person? Examine these qualities and ask yourself if this is because you see these negative qualities in yourself, or will those particular qualities actually hurt you? If not, learn to look beyond them at the true spirit of the person you dislike. If they will actually hurt you – dismiss them and move on. You do not need to spend time in a relationship with someone you are constantly butting heads with. Learn the lesson you were meant to, and carry on.

Spend the next month changing the way you see yourself and others. Think of everyone as being a soul on a mission. The more time you spend changing your negative beliefs, the more positive things you will attract into your life. Let your spiritual healing journey begin!

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