Sometimes You Have to Get Your Feet Wet to Follow the Right Path

I had a dream the night before last that stuck with me all day yesterday and today as well.  I pondered it for about an hour when I woke up because it felt so real, like there was a deep message within it for me that I was supposed to remember.  I got it…with lights flashing and bells going off.

I was standing at the edge of what first appeared to be a cliff, but when I tuned in to my surroundings, I realized that it was merely a chasm that was about 10 feet deep and 20 feet across.  At the bottom was a small stream – wider and deeper at one end than the other.  There was a sandy beach lining each side of the stream, but at the narrow end where you could jump across, there were also sharp jagged rocks.  At this end of the chasm, the drop was straight down with nothing to hold onto, but at the deeper end of the stream, the ledge was more gentle and inclined – you could easily slide down this end without getting hurt.  The landscape on the far side of the stream exactly matched the landscape on which I was standing.

There were two people standing on the far side of the chasm.  At the end of the stream that seemed the hardest to traverse, the person was telling me to choose that path.  It was rocky and full of obstacles, but I wouldn’t get my feet wet, and in the end I would be rewarded with fortune and fame.  At the other end, the person just stood there, not saying a word – a hand outstretched for me to grab hold of.  I had a sense that by crossing at that end, I would live a mundane and boring life; feeling like I was never making a difference.

I jumped straight down into the chasm, my clothing catching on rocks and twigs on the way down.  I remember thinking, “That wasn’t so bad, and I didn’t hurt myself when I landed.”  Dodging the sharp rocks, I managed to easily step over the narrow end of the stream.  I was eager and excited to be reaching my goals so quickly!  I struggled up the far embankment, trying to climb the rocks that jutted out from the side.  I fell off a few times and ended up with scratches and bruises, but I kept trying.  Never once did the person at this end reach out to help me.  Every time I got close to the top, it seemed as if the top moved further and further away.  When I fell yet again, I sat there sobbing in desperation.  I felt alone and wounded, but the pull of reaching my goals kept tugging at me.  I closed my eyes and tuned out the sound of the voice just above me.  It kept saying, “Come on, come on, this way is better”.

As I tuned out the person who was trying to tell me what to do, I ever so slowly tuned into my own inner voice.  Suddenly I felt a strong wave of energy pushing me towards the other end of the stream.  Half way down, I felt like there was an invisible force stopping me from moving forward.  I looked around, trying to come up with a solution.  There was nothing else to do but to climb back up the way I had come down in the first place.  It turned out to be just as difficult trying to get back up this side, but just as I was about to give up, I realized that I had faith in my own abilities and that no one else could tell me what to do.  Before this thought even finished formulating in my head, I felt like I was being lifted back up to where I had stood before.

Once again, I surveyed my surroundings.  This time, the drier end of the stream didn’t seem so appealing.  I felt filled with peace and confidently walked down the gentle incline.  I trudged through the deeper water, getting thoroughly soaked – but as I climbed the gentle slope on the other side, my clothes were dry.  I reached for the outstretched hand, and got a glimpse of hundreds of smiling people doing ordinary every day things, but you could tell that they were happy and appreciated the work of every other person around them.

When I awoke and thought about this dream, I realized that it was very profound.  I have been struggling and struggling to find my path for years now.  I always thought that there had to be more to helping people than what I was doing.  I had no confidence and kept listening to other people tell me what I should be doing, and have missed out on the things that truly bring me joy.  What I finally realized was that you have to trust what your intuition is telling you, and that all of the small stepping stones you tread create the entire path in your journey.  I also learned that when you finally let go of the end result, your path becomes clear of obstacles and you are free to enjoy the rest of your journey, wherever it leads.  I wish you all joy and success in your journey!!


  1. How beautiful!! We have all of our own answers don’t we……….just go within!

    I can feel your joy as I am reading this!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Vicki… Very well written. As teenagers growing up our mom would tell us of the crossroads we would encounter in life. She would say that each time you came to a crossroad in your life, the path you choose will change your life forever. When you are younger, you will have quite a few crossroads, and as you get older, fewer and fewer. It’s funny for me, because your dream seems to have that same message. As if someone is still watching out for us……………… Uncle Ted

    1. Of course she’s still watching out for us! I remember Grandma saying that as well, it is something I will always remember. Thanks Uncle Ted! xoxo

  3. What a coool site and very enlightening dep thought we do have a lot in common
    love And Light Annette

  4. * Smiles *

    It is truly amazing when a person can realize another path though a dream.

  5. Vicki
    What you have written is what I have been thinking about also.
    This is a good meditation. . . . .
    Susan S

  6. Vicki, you have a way with words. Awesome! This is a lesson a lot of people don’t learn until later in life.

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