The Separation of Church and Faith

Every church and spiritual tradition seems to be going through enormous upheaval at this time.  Numbers are down; people are questioning the dogma of their faith.  They are questioning the rules and traditions that have been passed down for countless generations, and are finally calling on their leaders to be held accountable for the various moral crimes of their predecessors.  People no longer follow religion with blind faith, but are allowing their heart to tell them what is right and wrong.  Many people are feeling like there is something missing in their lives, and rather than searching outside of themselves, they are beginning to understand that the answers lie within them.  Many churches still call judgment upon their congregations, teaching them to fear God and to judge each other in the name of God.  The masters and teachers who were born to create change all came to this earth with basically the same message, live your life in love and have faith that you are loved.  This was a very simple concept, but our human ego’s have created religions where people have started to feel unloved, unwelcome, and judged for every single action.  People are shunned from their churches and become spiritually lost because they feel like they have lost their link with the Divine.  They are afraid at times to explore alternative spirituality because they have been taught that they will go to “hell” if they consort with “pagans”.

A universal separation of church and faith has occurred.  People, by nature, are pack animals and crave companionship in the quest for common goals.  The church is no longer meeting their needs so they are becoming solitary in their spiritual time, creating a break in the universal energy which is God/Universe/Divine Intelligence.  We are meant to share in the journey with other people, “where many are gathered, miracles occur”.  Incorporating ‘new age’ beliefs, and a return to earth based worship, into existing churches could help to heal the cracks in the foundations of religion.  It is not necessary to practise traditions and rituals that make you uncomfortable, only to embrace the individuality of each person’s divine spirit.  Jesus did not preach in a church, nor did he demand that his followers hand over half of their paycheques to keep a building open.  He taught in the open air, where people naturally felt a connection to God, and most importantly, he taught everyone to live life with love and without fear of judgment.  Judgment is a human, not Divine, concept.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, it is time to start mending our churches and opening our eyes to the connection that every single religion or spiritual practise on earth has to each other.  This connection is simple yet mind boggling at the same time.  We are all connected to each other, and to our Divine Source through the universal energy of love.


  1. Very well said Vicki, alot of people feal this way. It would be nice to get back to the basics of religion. God, love, and helping one anouther. If you needed help with something you would pool your energy’s and people together for what you needed to do. For example sewing bee, cooking for someones funeral, fence building, helping clean someones yard who can’t because of health or age, and the list goes on. If only churches got together in there large numbers of people and had a short prayer and then used the hour and a half that sermons take to actually go and help people….think of how that would effect a comunity, and the world. People could study there bible and read on there oun time at home and ask questions still, but the main time would be spent helping others……that’s what I’m looking for in a church and still haven’t found it. I have come close to it with a church in Lloydminster but it’s a little far to drive everytime I need to be with likeminded people.
    Thanx for the Great read
    xoxo Mel

  2. Well said Vicki!

  3. Awesome Vicki!
    Our connection to source is a very personal and unique to each of us, but yet we ARE all one. I see a pile of stones….and i know you love stones and rocks, maybe that is why it came to me. Each stone is unique but they are all the same. Isn’t that how we are as well.

    Can churches mend? hmmm I don’t know, maybe? Maybe there is not a place for them to exist anymore? Maybe something else will take it’s place? We are in a huge shift and who knows what it will look like. Think of how we have evolved!

    Very well written! I want a signed copy of your first book!!

    1. Your comment made me smile! I DO love rocks, and as you said they are all different and unique and “speak” to me in different ways, just as the people I meet do the same. I don’t know if churches can be mended, but as everyone opens their eyes to Oneness, I do believe that eventually we can all worship together in whatever fashion that happens to take in the future. I am personally taking the steps to view the good points of all religions, and I hope for the sake of the people who love their churches, that they find a healthy way to worship as well.

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