When One Door Opens Another Closes

You’ve all heard and even used the expression, “When one door closes another opens.” What do you think it would do for your life if you changed those words around a little bit? For instance, what if you want that storm door to close and it just isn’t happening? Perhaps you could just use your own free will to open the screen on the inside door just a little bit. Maybe you could just walk outside and slam that door shut! Sometimes we are just so stuck in a situation that we are constantly waiting. Waiting to sell the business. Waiting for that big promotion. Waiting for a job offer. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for the good stuff to start happening in our lives, when all it would take to get the Universe moving in your favor is to start taking the baby steps necessary to move along a more agreeable path.

“I don’t have time.” That is the most untrue statement ever spoken! We use that excuse when we are fearful. Everyone is fearful of change, and if you say you are not, you are not being truthful with yourself or anyone else. We get really excited when a new opportunity presents itself, we feel the push in the right direction and want it desperately, but the door on our current circumstance has not closed yet. We can’t move forward because we are spinning our tires and we were taught to never let go of the wheel. Our life has consumed us and even if it isn’t the right path for you to be on, even if it is the most uncomfortable ride you have ever been on – it is familiar, so you hold on for dear life. What would happen if you let go of that wheel and just veered off your current course? Sure, you would be afraid at first, but suddenly it becomes thrilling.

When you finally make that conscious decision to follow where your intuition is leading you, even if you do small things every day to bring you one step closer to the life of your dreams, that is when the door will finally close on the life that is holding you back. You are making the effort to take charge of your destiny in small ways, which allows the Universe to finally take the wheel and steer you in the right direction. In effect, you are allowing another door to open before one door closes. Quit making excuses, and start opening doors!


  1. Vicki,
    Your article is great. I understand what you mean.

    I use that expression all the time.
    The way I used it was to give comfort to a situation and at the same time give hope to focus on something better.
    The way you explained putting the hope in to action is really what it is all about. We all need to be responsible to take the actions, like you said, even baby steps to make changes.
    I would love to see you again.
    Susan Sproull

  2. Lovely,well said Vicki!

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