Vicki Lund, Hypnosis & Holistic Practitioner

Hypnosis & Holistic Practitioner

I believe that none of us are broken, and that we are who we are meant to be, but sometimes we need the help of friends and professionals to set us back on target again. No one has a problem that cannot be addressed. All you need are the right resources..

"Thank you for caring for me in our last session which was a hypnotherapy session. I felt very peaceful during the session. Vicki was very professional and really helped me with a particular stuck state of mind. I would recommend this service. "

Karen C.

After having my Reiki session from Vicki my head was much clearer and my body felt like it had a relaxing massage. Vicki helped to ground me and was so intuitive in the information that I needed to hear. Vicki is an amazing healer. I look forward to my next session with her.

Kari Beyer

Vicki holds a beautiful space for healing. She has strong accurate intuition and deep compassion. She holds non-judgemental space for processing emotions and what ever comes up keeping you stuck or in fear, and offers so much experience and tools and healing energy to support you in your journey. Vicki is a joy to work with, her meditations are one of my favourites!! She will always cheer you on as you discover your Truth, release your fears and step into your power!

Alanna Bergquist

You don't have to hurt to heal

How often have you heard the phrase "no pain, no gain?" Whatever it is you want to change in your life, it doesn't have to be so hard. Hypnotherapy is a remarkable way to get in tune with your true centre, and create rapid change. It's easier than you think.

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